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As a professional radio and television broadcaster, Tressa’s desire is to create another platform for stories of God‘s goodness, provision, hope, and restoration to be shared.

As the former host of Talking with Tressa, a cable network talk show, Tressa was inspired to re-launch the popular broadcast online in January 2024.

Guests will be from around the globe sharing their faith journeys, personal stories, and biblical insights to what it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Her warm personality and candid nature makes guests feel comfortable and the listeners engaged. Her goal is to be an encouragement to both the guest and listener, giving them hope to trust Jesus, be eternity minded, and never give up hope.

the e.s.t.h.e.r. touch

Since 2009 the e.s.t.h.e.r. touch is one of Tressa's most sought after messages.

She uses Esther as an acronym describing multiple attributes that women should aspire to if they want to emulate Queen Esther, a woman who impacted a nation and was willing to do whatever God asked.

Because of the popularity, in fall of 2024, Tressa will be launching ESTHER TOUCH 12, an online mentorship program that will walk women through each of the attributes and characteristics that need to developed as a Godly woman. The expanded, more detailed version of her original message, will give women the opportunity to implement what they have learned into their daily lives.

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Modelling Modesty

“Modelling Modesty” is another one of Tressa's popular messages because her ongoing career in the fashion and media industry provides her with valuable insight into a world that has tremendous influence on women, which more often than not, is negative and contrary to God‘s word.

Her experience inspired her to develop messages around 1 Peter 3:3&4, Proverbs 31:25-26, Galatians 5:22-23 and Esther 4:14, that encourage and challenge women to uphold Godly standards and embrace God‘s love and forgiveness. Using scripture, she shares what God views as beautiful and valuable helping to build a positive self image and higher self-esteem.

Tressa encourages women to carry and conduct themselves in a way that is worthy unto themselves and to God, without comparison or compromise, ultimately being empowered and set free from the lies of the enemy.

She reaffirms that God has designed all women to be unique and to fulfill the call on their lives.

More About Tressa

Tressa Lemky is an international Christian author and speaker, who has travelled throughout the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and India.

Tressa is known to be a warm and engaging communicator with a transparent and authentic style.  She is unscripted, down to earth and relatable, always encouraging women and girls to not give up no matter what their past situation or choices have been.

She openly shares her personal struggles and challenges so that women understand nothing is too big for God to forgive or work with.

She knows personally that the lies of the enemy need to be replaced with the true Word of God. She emphasizes the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and the power of Holy Spirit to help set women free and live a life of victory.

In her professional life, Tressa has been a successful, radio and television, broadcaster, professional print and runway model, figure skating coach, and choreographer, five time pageant title holder, including a contestant in the Miss Canada Pageant, and a special event planner and decorator.

Her experience is vast, which gives her the credibility to speak into multiple areas that women often struggle with.

In addition to being a contributing author in the 2019 Thomas Nelson devotional, The INVITATION to Intimacy with God, Tressa is now a regular writer for Woman of Faith and Souled Out magazines from Durban, South Africa.
She was also featured in the Our Daily Bread’s - Stories from Across Canada quarterly, and The HOPE New Testament from Pregnancy Care Canada.

Tressa and her husband Ron live in Canada and have been married for over 25 years. They are proud grandparents of three, two boys and a little girl.